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The Hip Flexibility Solution “Done-For-You”
Accelerator Pack Includes:

Component #1:
Follow Along Workout Videos ($120 value)


The instructional videos you’re already getting in the main program are in-depth tutorials leaving no stone unturned so you know exactly how to do each exercise in perfect form. You must go through these at least once to learn the details.

Because of this, an exercise that should take 1.5 minutes to complete has a 5-8 minute video associated with it. So a typical routine that includes 4 or 5 exercises that should take 10-15 minutes might have 30-40 minutes of video associated with it.

With the Follow Along Workout Videos component, there’s no excuse for missing a training session when all you have to do is plug in a video and follow along. I walk you through every workout in the program, keeping you on track so you gain your flexibility potential. What an incredible motivator! It’s like having me as your coach right by your side!


Component #2:
STRONG | FAST | MOBILE: 6-Week “S&S” Program ($37 value)


I developed this program for you, if you want to take your flexibility, strength and speed to the next level.

It includes advanced mobility strength exercises you’ve probably never done before, organized in a 6-week periodized “Strength & Sprints” program.

It perfectly complements the Hip Flexibility Solution program and will ensure that you get the fastest flexibility gains possible, while also gaining strength and speed.


Component #3:
Save HD and SD Videos to Your Computer or Mobile Device ($47 value)

downloadThe exercise videos included in the Hip Flexibility Solution Program are in streaming format that require an internet connection to view.

This helps me prevent piracy and keeps my programs from being uploaded to torrent sites.

Most guys are fine with this…

However, I know a lot of you like to take the videos with you to the gym on your smart phone and sometimes you don’t have an internet connection available, or you’d like to have the videos saved on your computer.

If you’re in this group and want downloadable videos that you can watch on your computer or mobile device, then this is your chance to upgrade at a small cost.

As you can see, everything above is a total combined value of $204…

I really want you to experience the BEST and FASTEST gains in your flexibility possible and I’ve put this ACCELERATOR pack together to help you do just that.


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